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Korda products you can buy now

Korda products you can buy now

Korda is one of our most popular brands at Taskers Angling. We stock plenty of  great stuff from them. We thought that we would share some of this gear with you to have a look at to see if anything catches your eye. 


1. Korda Mini Rigsafe


This is the smallest rig safe to date. Some of the benefits mean it doesn't take up much of your luggage space. This means you can keep for other essential kit. If you get any of the smaller sizes you will not miss out on storing gear. In fact this can hold up to 60-pre tied rigs meaning you will not be short on options when you go down to the bank. This item also features 30 standard pins as well as 15 double pins. 


2. Korda Tackle Box


Being well organised on the bank will help you to catch more fish as you'll be able to find what you need very quickly. With this box helping to keep you well organised you should be able to take advantage quickly of things such as fish feeding in the margins, cruising around and looking for floater or zig for instance. This is designed to be a complete storage system which allows you to keep the maximum amount of terminal tackle. 


3. Korda Compac Bankstick Bag


This is the perfect storage solution for those who want to pull their bansticks out of the ground at the end of a session. It also has enough protection to ensure that alarms and bobbins will not get damaged and also means that mud and grit are not transferred into your bag after a rain soaked session. 

4. Korda Dark Matter Braid
This super-supple braided hook link sinks incredibly well, been that it hugs the bottom contours which makes it hard for the carp to spot it. It features very tough fibres which are tightly woven so they will not easily come apart, making it easier to get a clean cut and to thread it through the eye of a hook when tying a knotless knot. This is a great choice when fishing with Solidz PVA bags, but it lends itself to numerous other rigs.  
5. Korda LongChuck Tapered Leaders
These have been designed specifically for long range fishing to help you to achieve maximum distance without the risk of a crack-off. There are three combinations which allow you to match to the breaking strain of main line which you are using, helping to ensure the neatest joining knot possible. The tapered leads feature the same properties as the long chuck main line with the ultra low stretch helping to compress the rod. 
We hope you have seen some great Korda products that you like the look of. If you have any questions then please do visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.












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