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Latest Korda drop is here

Latest Korda drop is here

Korda is one of our most popular brands here at Taskers Angling. We have had some of there brand new stock land in our store which we are excited to show off to you in our blog.


1. Korda Bait Screw Swivel


This product makes changing your hook bait as simple as its every been. The bait screw swivel allows for you to do this in seconds and its compatible with a lot of the popular rigs. They can be used on any rig as a substitute for a ring or micro ring swivel, including the spinner rig and IQ D-rig. They can be used with both bottom baits and pop-ups and are simply screwed into the bait in a clockwise direction and have the surface area to ensure that the boilie stays on during the cast. 


2. Korda Micro Ring Swivel Large


The perfect choice for any rig where your hook bait is sliding on the hook shank as it is very neat and gives plenty of freedom for movement. These swivels work well with hook beads and allow more movement than a rig ring will do as well as giving slightly more separation between the bait and the hook. They have a dull finish to make them as unobtrusive as possible. 

3. Korda Dark Matter Putty
Contains tungsten and is heavy for its size making it the ideal choice of rig putty for pretty much anything relating to adding weight to your rigs. It is incredibly malleable, even straight out the tin it comes in which means that it can be easily moulded around micro swivels or a knot. In addition it can be added to one of our sinkers to give it more weight or to the end of our fused leaders or tubing to make doubly sure it is pinned down to the bottom. 
4. Korda carp care kit 
This care kit contains two essential products that will maintain the well being of a fish that has been caught. Firstly the Ulcer swab is an antiseptic that can be used to clean open wounds and ulcers, preventing them from becoming infected from bacteria and fungus. Propolis is a product with antibiotic properties that can be used to treat open wounds as well as hook holds, lifted scales and damaged fins. 
We hope you have seen some new korda products that you like! Remember if you have any questions about anything then please visit our Liverpool store or gives us a call on 01512606015.


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