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The Mitchell MX3 Monofilament offers anglers a durable and reliable line that is ideally suited for a wide range of fishing situations.

This monofilament has low memory for easy casting and handling and has high knot resistance for secure, safe and reliable connections. The mono boasts a low diameter and high strength for reliability and long last use.

We have the MX3 mono in a dark green, low visibility colour that helps blend into the water and in large 300m spools.

The Mitchell MX3 Monofilament is available in a range of breaking strains for you to select from our drop down menu.

Low visibility colour
General purpose monofilament
Low memory
High knot resistance
300m sized spools

Breaking Strain (kg) Breaking Strain (lb) Diameter (mm)
3.1kg 6lb 0.20mm
3.65kg 8lb 0.22mm
4.8kg 10.6lb 0.25mm
5.95kg 13lb 0.28mm
6.8kg 15lb 0.30mm
8.7kg 19lb 0.35mm
11.2kg 24lb 0.40mm
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