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More special offers for you to look at

More special offers for you to look at

This week at Taskers Angling we thought that we would share more of our special offers with you. All of these are available to order now at some of the best prices around so lets take a look at what we have! 


1. Prologic Max5 Comfort Thermo Suit 2pcs


This is an extremely lightweight two piece thermo suit will keep you warm when the conditions are cold. It is fully waterproof and windproof and has a warm comfortable fleecing jacket. It also has an attachable and adjustable insulated hood with a wired peak for perfect viewing. It also has fleece lined handwarmer pockets and elastic on the back waist for a perfect fit. 


2. Sonik Xtractor Carp Rod 6 ft 3lb Cork


A top-quality rod which is easy to transport due to its short pack down length. The super-slim matt black, part-telescopic carbon fibre blanks have plenty of reserve power in the butt section and a fast tip recovery to give surprising performance. Other key features include a Japanese shrink handle wrap, custom line clip and and a black anodised butt cap. There are also Sonik xtractor rod sleeves. 


3. Sonik Xtractor Pro 5000


Comes with a sleek, matt black finishing. This reel offers increased performance and features which steps up things a lot for anglers who appreciate enhanced engineering. It can be considered a perfect lightweight mini big pit reel and fits perfectly into the Xtractor range. 


4. Sonik Tournos XD Carp Rod 12ft 3lb


Comes with a crisp, powerful casting action this rod is tailored for anglers who push their rods to the limit on bigger waters. The low resin Japanese Toray carbon fibre blanks are slim, lightweight and immediately impressive in hand. Other key features include: 

  • Lightweight low-profile DL-Black ceramic guides & anti-frap tip
  • Full Japanese shrink rubber handle
  • Anodised and laser etched butt cap
  • Supplied with neoprene tip, butt and guide protectors


5. Grauvell Vertix Malta


This is a perfect reel for all-round surf fishing. The reel has a high retrieval speed and runs smoothly because of the six ball bearings. The aluminum spool makes fishing with thin braided lines possible. The Graphite body keeps the weight low, and the stainless steel main axis contributes to the extreme durability of the Malta.


We hope you like some of these special offers and have seen something that catches you're eye. If you have any questions then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.




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