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Precision hook sharpening with the Jag Hook Sharpening Kit + (Green Carry Case)

Precision hook sharpening with the Jag Hook Sharpening Kit + (Green Carry Case)

Please note the Red and Green stones will be stored inside the handle of the Sp-vice.


  • This option comes with the SP Max File, SP Stones Pack, SP Vice, Ultra Eye, Green storage pouch & Brown solution camo rig pen
  • The SP Vice has been purpose designed to aid precision hook sharpening. It allows for very secure clamping of any hook pattern and size. The SP Vice is totally unique because it has been designed with a large top surface to act as a guide/steady which enables perfectly honed faces of the hook point. It also allows the hook to be clamped very low which greatly reduces “push off” when filing/honing hook points. The SP Vice has been precision machined by JAG in England, the entire head assembly is manufactured from high grade stainless steel for ultimate durability, the handle is machined from light weight aluminium which has been designed to house a set of SP Stones to keep them safe and at hand whilst saving space. In field testing the vice has allowed anglers to achieve incredibly sharp hooks that had previously struggled to master the technique.
  • JAG Products have developed the SP (surgical point) Stones in 2 different grades. Used in conjunction with JAG’s Ultra Eye, hook points can be sharpened to a level far superior to ANY hook straight from the pack.
  • Introducing the new SP Max File to the range, in testing sharpening time has been reduced by up to 75% due to the increased metal removal. Use the SP Max File to sharpen the three sides of the hook point before a final hone with the SP Stones. The SP Max File has been developed with Jason Hayward and has been purposely designed for precision hook sharpening with a specific “cut” grade, compact size and special safety edges to avoid damaging the SP Vice. The SP Max File has been manufactured to Jag’s exact specification by a world leading Swiss jewellery file manufacturer, enough said!
  • The JAG Ultra Eye gives 20x magnification, extremely important in sharpening truly perfect hook points. When trying to master the art of precision hook sharpening, the ability to see the results up close makes a huge difference.
  • Compact design for storage and lens protection
  • The Solution combats the one down side to hook sharpening, rust.
  • Apply a thin coat all around sharpened hook point to eliminate/slow down corrosion.
  • Apply to your end tackle to give perfect rig concealment using the four natural colours.
  • 100% safe to aquatic life - Odourless when dry - Thoroughly tested!
  • The hook pouch is designed to neatly house the complete JAG hook sharpening range. Double zipped, fully padded and made in England. The pouch is also the perfect size to safely store Polaroid glasses and is also ideal as a lead/bits pouch.
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