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Tackle Thursday - ESP Trig-Hammer Barbed & Barbless Hooks

Tackle Thursday - ESP Trig-Hammer Barbed & Barbless Hooks

Just landed in our showroom, the amazing Trig-Hammer Barbed & Barbless hooks from ESP.

Ultra-sharp, long fine needle points combined with an aggressive shape that achieves incredibly secure hook holds. Over a prolonged testing period they have proved to be outstanding.

Manufactured using the same dual tempering processes as the existing ESP Cryogen hooks which result in exceptional strength and point durability.

The combined proportions of a long subtly curved shank, 9° in-turned eye, wide gape and long hypodermic point result in a hook pattern that is incredibly effective. On Ronnie rigs the hook point is in an aggressively poised attitude making it a very efficient hooker with superb hook holds and it is equally effective on bottom bait rigs, where it flips and catches hold as soon as the hooklink is tensioned, even without the aid of a line aligner or ‘kicker’.

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