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Tech Tuesday - NiteSite Viper Rtek 2019

Tech Tuesday - NiteSite Viper Rtek 2019

NiteSite Viper Rtek 2019

The NiteSite VIPER RTEK is the brand new addition to the NiteSite range of night vision devices. The new NiteSite Viper RTEK has been fitted with some new unique features which include a new integral recording and remote sharing device which works with built in Wi-Fi. A couple of useful user features have also been added to the NiteSite Viper RTEK which include a new dimmable LCD screen what allows screen brightness to be adjusted to ambient light conditions. The other useful feature is the new external focusing what enables quick and easy set up when changing your NiteSite Viper RTEK between scopes this overall allows for easy adjustment in the field for clearer, sharper screen images.


The true beauty of a NiteSite is that it converts any day scope (there's no need to remove it) into a powerful night vision system that is quick and simple to set up. Indeed, from opening the carry case to hunt ready status takes just 60 seconds once you are familiar with the set up. All NiteSites are equipped with adaptable fittings that enable mounting onto virtually any make and size of scope and there is no need to re zero or adjust your scope in any way. Just mount the unit, switch on and you're ready to shoot. Simple as that.


Maximum versatility and advantage for the night hunter 

The NiteSite VIPER™ RTEK is the perfect night vision unit for any hunter, delivering high quality, clear night vision through any day vision rifle scope. It achieves this using three powerful infrared illuminators (invisible to to people and animals) to literally illuminate the target area immediately in front of where the rifle scope is aiming, allowing clear target identification up to 100 metres (110 Yards) away. The infrared image is then captured through the rifle scope by a compact video recording unit attached to the scope's eyepiece and then played back live to the hunter via the unit's integral 3.5 inch dimmable LCD screen.


Clear night vision through your day scope

  • Targets are clearly illuminated even in zero ambient light conditions
  • The infrared view is played back through your scope as a live feed
  • Effective range 100m/110 yards
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