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Tech Tuesday - RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Plus

Tech Tuesday - RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Plus

RidgeMonkey Multi Lite Plus

RidgeMonkey are back with yet another innovative lighting solution, after the success of the Bivvy Lite range and RidgeMonkey’s rechargeable headtorches, the brand has introduced its Multi Lite Plus, perhaps the most adaptable and flexible light in the range.

 The Multi Lite has two beams, the first of which is the casting light, similar to a torch in design the beam is at the base of the multi lite and produces a bright light from multiple LEDs. The casting light is an alternative to a head torch, one problem with head torches is that on colder nights they tend to just illuminate the condensation from your own breath, meaning you can see very little. The Multi Lite comes fitted with a bankstick attachment, meaning you can point the light in the direction of your chosen spot allowing you to check your rig is in the right place, a luxury at night as placing your rig can sometimes feel like guesswork.

The RidgeMonkey Multi Lite is supplied with a light diffuser which clips onto the base of the light, this is perfect for night-time photography, simply point your light in the direction of your latest catch and illuminate your new PB, aiding photo quality.


The other beam setting is a lantern function, perfect for lighting your bivvy for some night-time reading or when you jump out of bed to run towards your screaming alarm. You are able to adjust the brightness of the Multi Lite and even change the colour of the light, the colour options are white, green and red.


RidgeMonkey have fitted a powerful 2000mAh lithium-ion battery which will take up to 3.5 hours to charge fully and is charged via a common 5v USB charge adaptor. The top of the Lite Plus features a hanging ring, perfect if you want to hang the light on a nearby tree and with it being IP64 water resistant, there is no need to worry if you leave it out in the rain.

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