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KUMU Clothing, KUMU Carp Angling Lifestyle Brand With Creativity At Its Core. Buy KUMU Clothing, KUMU fishing accessories, Death Rig range & more.

We set out to create something offbeat with our clothing range. Garments that swim upstream against the mundane flow of the angling industry. We take inspiration from all areas of fashion, graphic design, illustration and art, but we’ve never been interested in following trends and instead we like to shake up the industry and force our own style into our garments, creating iconic pieces which look just as much at home off the bank, as on it. 

It was time to break away from all of those confines and create something that allowed true creative freedom - to experiment with ideas, raise 2 fingers to the mundane and firmly establish a brand that would become a driving creative force within the angling industry. It was important that the brand remained true to these beliefs from the outset and explore avenues that had never been ventured before, pushing the boundaries between angling, design and fashion.


Super soft, super warm, 320gsm fabric and with a whole dose of KUMU attitude. Our carp hoodies will keep you warm on the bank and cool on the streets. Our carp fishing hoodies follow the same ethos as the rest of our garments - creating iconic pieces which buck the trend set by the modern day angling industry. Regular fitting, 80% combed cotton and 20% polyester with custom branded detailing throughout.


Bold and iconic, our graphic tees represent our way of thinking and force our own brand of design and creativity upon the angling industry. All of our t-shirt designs carry a deeper, hidden message and a level of detail that is easily missed at first glance. All of our tees are printed on super soft 165gsm combed cotton for ultimate comfort & quality. Regular fitting and a cut which finishes near the belt line. Discover carp t shirts & more.



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