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Matrix Torque Margin 4.5m Pole

Unbelievably robust. This has been designed to land monsters with ease especially from commercials and carpdromes. By incorporating a progressive action, it quickly becomes an impeccable tool, able to subdue huge fish in seconds. At 4.5m in length, it is perfectly suited for fishing by the bank or even for your first dabble in this style of fishing.

Perfect when combined with heavy elastic.

Matrix Torque Carp 8.5m Pole

An 8.5m performance pole that's ideal for making the most of the marginal areas on pressured commercial venues, where larger fish often take shelter, feeling that they're safely away from the threats of open water, this pole package is supplied with two top kits, and a powerful strike section that allows you to make the most of all your match fishing, and to take on the challenges of larger commercial carp, the Matrix Torque Carp Pole gives you an edge over the competition on any venue, setting you up for success, and allowing you to make the most of your five hours on a range of waters, and take on any species that arrives in front of you.


Rated for 20+ elastic, this is a pole that's all about strength and power, with striking cosmetics that ensure it will make exactly the right first impression wherever you're fishing, and whatever the standard of the competition.

Ultra durable cross carbon sections are crafted and braced for power and performance, while a glide tape section finish ensures swift, smooth shipping, while the enlarged side puller slot accommodates heavier elastics, giving you plenty of pulling power when those big carp come calling.

Weighing 690g in total, and 490g without the large bore top section, this five section carp margin pole is the perfect tackle choice for the keen match angler, and easy to carry if you're travelling for tournaments.

Matrix Torque Euro Carp 9.0m

  • Available in two lengths. 9.0m and 10.5m
  • Supplied with mini strike section
  • 20+ Elastic rating
  • Ultra-durable cross layered carbon sections
  • Glide taped finish applied to all sections (expect painted butt sections)
  • Enlarged ceramic side puller slot fitted (capable of housing extra-large elastics)
  • Provided in the durable pole sleeve
  • 0m - weight 500g (700g including strike section)
  • 5m- weight 790g (990g including strike section)
  • 0m – 6 sections plus strike section
  • 5m – 7 sections plus strike section


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