Dynamite Baits River Hookbaits Shrimp&Krill Busters

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Dynamite Baits Big Fish River Hookbaits

Part of the new range of Big Fish River baits from Dynamite, made for targeting specimen barbel, chub, carp and more! The Big Fish River Hookbaits, nicknamed 'Busters' are easy to hair rig with no need to drill them, yet remain hard enough to last the attention of small nuisance fish. Featuring a slow breakdown, real food recipe that is high in feed and attraction.


Perfect for use as a high attract hookbait on its own - combine with the matching Big Fish River paste and bait soak for maximum attraction over a long period of time.


approx 130g pot


Available in two popular smelly and highly attractive big fish flavours - Shrimp & Krill or Cheese & Garlic - with a full matching range of groundbait, bait soaks and pastes also available separately.


Dynamite Baits Big Fish River Hookbaits

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