Marine Halibut Pellets Drilled 900g

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OPTION1: 14mm
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The Dynamite Baits Marine Halibut Pellets are packed to the brim with fish oils. In fact, they have the highest fishmeal and fish oil content of any halibut pellet on the market! This ensures that these baits have a pulling power that needs to be seen to be believed, particular in the warmer months when the oils can leach into the water column most effectively. One of the more unique ingredients in the mix is Super G, Dynamite’s pre-digested fishmeal. This gives the bait an additional pungency that your carp won’t fail to notice and this fishmeal addition ensures that the fish will feed more aggressively than a bait which relies on oils alone.


High oil pellets

Packed full of fishmeal

Super G pre-digested fishmeal

Includes fish oils

Essential amino acids

Gets fish feeding aggressively

Attracts Carp, Chub & Barbel

Available in eight sizes

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