C C Moore Acid Pear + Pop Ups (Elite Range) 13/14mm Pot

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The Elite Range of Pop Ups and Booster Liquids have been

painstakingly developed by our bait technicians to supply big fish anglers with

an intensely concentrated package of attraction in a specialist hookbait

system. If you’re a serious angler who won’t settle for second best, the Elite

Range of pop ups is the perfect choice for you.

These high quality, hand rolled pop ups contain a unique,

tried and tested blend of flavours and feeding triggers that deliver an

intense attraction profile covering a range of chemoreceptors


Acid Pear Pop Ups properties:

Extra buoyant, super tough ‘+’ version

designed for chod/stiff rigs


· A durable, toughened skin enables them

to last for 24hrs+


·Designed both for use alone or over

loose feed/boilies


· Striking hi-viz orange colour for

outstanding visual attraction


· Contains an extremely high level of

our powerful Acid Pear blend


·CCM Pop Up mix maximises flavour and

attractor leakage


·Ideal texture for coating with the

matching ‘booster liquid’

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