Early spring fishing

Early spring fishing tips 

Fishing in spring after a long winter is always enjoyable for anglers. The weather improves and the fish come out after the cold weather. However people do get it wrong when it comes to early spring time. That is why at Taskers Angling we thought we would share some tips on early spring fishing. 


1. Keep an eye on the weather 


The weather during early spring is more unpredictable arguably than at any other time of the year. Because of that plan your fishing trips or days out around this as if it is colder the likelihood is there may not be as many fish to be caught in the water. This is as mentioned though unpredictable. 


2. Fish on warm waters  


This next point ties in nicely with the weather. Early on in the the spring the best locations may still have cold waters. We would recommend looking for warmer waters even if it is not where you would usually pitch up as fish are more likely to be there. 

3. If you can go in the afternoon 
Fishing in the afternoon in early spring is when the waters are most likely to be warmer. The sun will warm a body of water throughout the day. This slight increase of temperature could be the difference between you getting a bite or not getting one. Going it at this time is a good way to try and get success.
4. Keep your baits small 
You may think that the start of spring means fish will start feeding a lot due to having a long winter. This is not always the case though as it can still be cold so fish are still not ready to feed properly. Do not waste all your bait at once and instead start small as you may get some catches that way. If you feel you can use more then try it, it can all depend on the day and location. Using a live bait as well is recommended to try and lure in more catches. 
5. Don't lose faith
Fishing in the early spring can be challenging. unpredictable weather and the chance of not having many fish to catch can get you down. If this happens then don't lose faith and try and use it as an opportunity to experiment with new techniques and gear. You could always use it as an opportunity to try new spots our or fisheries. This can help you become an all round better angler. 
We hope that you find these tips useful and that you feel prepared to go out and fish in the early spring. If you have any questions about gear then please visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.