A quick guide to buying bite alarms

Ever been in that situation where you have missed out on a big catch? Nothing worse is there. Fear not as a bite alarm is a product that can save you from this happening again and can act as a trusted partner when you are out angling. We offer a large collection of alarms here at Taskers Angling and want to make sure you get the one that works for you. 

If you would like to call one of our friendly staff who are happy to help you, our contact number is 01512606015

So what exactly does a bite alarm do? It's pretty straightforward, they will alert you when you have a bite allowing for you to fish for longer periods of time even when you are getting some rest in. They come in different shapes and sizes as well depending on what it is you are after and detect line movement through either a magnetic roller wheel or through a piezo vibration sensor. It will alert you of a potential catch either through a visual notification, an LED light for example, or through a speaker. 

What key features should you be looking out for though? As we have already touched on light indicators and sound are apart of most bite alarms but there also other features to be considered: 

    • Volume- Let's be honest, know one wants to be disturbed by the sound of an alarm ringing in the distance when they are out fishing. Making sure the alarm is not too loud and is the right volume is an important part of acquiring one. However if you are hard of hearing or a heavy sleeper you may in fact need it louder so make sure to check when purchasing what is best for you.  
    • Waterproof- Most alarms will be listed as fully waterproof. Last thing you need is to worry about leaving it outside if it is raining or if you have it positioned right next to the water. 
    • Snag ears- These are important as they will firmly hold your rod in place and saves you from potentially losing it in the water. Some alarms come with these included, however some don't so make sure to check. 

At Taskers angling we stock a number of bite alarms, if you are interested in purchasing one take a look at our collection or get in touch with us and we will be more than happy to assist you in getting what you are after.