How to catch a Catfish

How to catch a Catfish 

Catching a Catfish is something a lot of Anglers love to do! No matter what your experience is when it comes to fishing they are one of the best specimens to be able to catch, although this does not mean it is easy we still all enjoy a challenge. They vary in sizes as well, you may end up catching a smaller one which can be great to eat or a larger one which can make for an excellent photograph to go up on the wall. At Taskers Angling we have put together this guide which will teach you some of the best ways to catch a Catfish. 

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To start with it is important to cover what the best baits to use are. Some really good baits that you could consider include night crawlers, minnows and crayfish. We offer a large variety of baits so make sure to check our website to see what we have available. Other baits that are effective when used include shad, skipjack herring and sunfish.

If you are heading out to get that really big catch then you will need to think of using a fish bait. These can be dead or alive, also fresh chicken liver is one of the best catfish baits. In terms of where Catfish are likely to feed they are largely bottom feeders. Let the bait sit for several minutes before moving it as they can smell their treats and then they will track them down. 

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In terms of where you should go looking to find a Catfish they can inhabit a variety of different places. These range from small creeks and ponds to big rivers and reservoirs. Some bigger Catfish will come out at dark so finding out more about night fishing could prove beneficial to you if this is something you want to do.

A great thing when it comes to fishing for catfish is that it can be done all year round. Many people seem to think that it is a summertime sport but it is not and Catfish can be caught at any time. Hopefully this encourages you to try and fish whenever you can as we know how much you all enjoy it! 

Hopefully you can be by the water as soon as possible getting in those big catches. If you have any questions about what products will be best suited then don't hesitate and come into our Liverpool store or ring us on 01512606015.