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Places to fish: Partridge Lakes Fishery 

Set over 30 acres all the waters are individually landscaped, providing a great day out coarse fishing for everyone. They are located just outside of Warrington, around an hours drive away from our Liverpool store


There are plenty of different waters you can angle on when you visit this fishery. First of all there is there is they Coveys. This is known as one of the UK's number one match fishing venues where anglers can compete fairly against one another. Match attendances are some of the highest in the UK. There is also Gold Lake which has 45 pegs of different environments from open waters to the peaceful and sheltered areas where you can fish islands up to 11 meters away. Spey Canal is another water which is popular for day tickets and is stocked with Carp, Barbel, Bream, Perch and Roach. There are more waters which can be found on their website.   

In terms of competitions at the fishery there are open matches which can be entered by all anglers. This is a great way to see whether or not this is for you or not and the types of matches on offer are designed to be inclusive for everyone. For example there are over 60's and disabled matches that can be entered.


Like all fisheries there are rules that do need to be followed when visiting here. Some of these rules include no night fishing being allowed, no dogs being allowed, no keep nets, no braided lines and you must have a valid EA rod license. For all the rules it is again best to check their website so you know what you can and can't do.  

We hope that as many of you as possible manage to visit Partridge Lakes Fishery as possible. If you like to fish competitively then this could be the place for you due to the great array of match fishing that is on offer! 


Photos courtesy of Partridge Lakes Fishery