Top tips: Sea and beach fishing

Top tips: Sea and beach fishing 


Sea and beach fishing are two forms of angling that are frequently used. However you may not have tried this before and are looking to try your hand at it. This is why at Taskers Angling we have put together a some key information that you need to know before doing so. 


1. What are the sea fishing laws?

There are laws you need to be aware of before you go sea fishing. The main rule to be aware of is that sea anglers cannot keep fish that are below the minimum size. You could be prosecuted if you break this law so make sure to check the sea angler's size limit chart for the rules in your area, this is the same when checking the rules for the waters you are in. As well if you are sea fishing in Scotland then it is illegal to fish for salmon or sea trout on a Sunday. 

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2. Do I need a license?
Typically you do not need a license to fish into the sea. However it may be worth checking the rules of the area you are in just in case you do need one. If you are going out on a boat and want to sell fish you only need a license to prove you are allowed to drive the vessel. 
3. When is the best time to go sea fishing? 


Anglers will normally stick to early morning, late evening or good weather when it comes to sea fishing, this can be location dependent though, its about what works for you as well. In terms of a good location to sea fish a pier is always a good idea as a lot of fish will gather around the bottom looking for food but again check if this is allowed.  


4. What fish am I likely to catch 

The most common species of fish that can be caught are Cod, Bass and Flatfish. Around winter time Cod is the most likely to be found. 

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