C C Moore Mini Ultramix 1kg

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C C Moore Mini Ultramix 1kg - taskers-angling

C C Moore Mini Ultramix 1kg

SKU: 634158443824
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Made from ultra-buoyant CC Moore Pop Up Mix these perfectly rolled, bite-sized gems offer a real edge when fished inside PVA bags, over small particles and pellets, used as food bait ‘toppers’ or as zig rig hookbaits.


With Carp getting more used to seeing 10, 12mm and larger baits these super-bright 8mm pop ups enable you to scale down your end tackle and fish smaller baits; a tactic that’s worked wonders on some of the most pressured big Carp venues and commercial fisheries in the country. In fact a significant number of the fish caught on them during testing were over 30lb emphasising the fact that big carp can be real suckers for very small baits, often feeling that they are safer to eat than more traditional-sized hookbaits.


A size ten hook is just enough to sink Mini Bitez creating a perfectly balanced bait presentation without adding any extra weight, enabling you to fine tune your rig without large lumps of putty or shot.


Each pot of approximately 150 Mini Bitez contains ten different coloured, unflavoured hi-viz pop ups allowing you to glug them up with your favourite attractor combinations to create numerous different hi-attract pop up options.


Colours include:


Fluoro Red

Fluoro Yellow



Fluoro Pink

Fluoro Orange

Fluoro Gold

Washed Out Pink

Washed Out Purple

Washed Out Yellow

Whether using a few drops of Northern Special Booster Liquid to give them a fruity boost or a liberal dose of a Elite Range Booster Liquid you can give yourself a great edge by mixing it up a little, experimenting with various colour and flavour combinations to find the most effective in certain conditions.



In the summer, the little black baits in the pot are perfect for fishing over beds of hemp or pellet and offer you a small wafting hookbait that easily blends into your free offerings. Alternatively the hi-viz colours offer a fantastic visual aid whether they are fished on their own on top of a PVA bag/stick or as a mini topper on a snow man rig.


The options are endless; Mini Bitez are a real must have product for any situation.

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