C C Moore Roasted Nut Partiblend 2.5kg Bucket

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A blend of seven different nuts and particles, CC Moore Roasted Nut Partiblend is low in oil, with a bright, natural colour that is ready to use, and perfectly blended to offer proven performance.  Rich in the vitamins and energy that fish need, this is a nutritious carpet feed that will draw fish to your swim, and keep them there, giving you the best chance of catching success. With a natural, crunchy texture, this is a bait that will encourage confident feeding, with a sweet, natural cloud sending out strong signals to other fish in the water.



Made to CC Moore's stay fresh recipe, this year round groundbait is carefully prepared for performance, nutrition, and peace of mind, giving you an accessible bait that's effective in any water temperature, and all conditions, the reusable camo bucket makes an effective bait container once the part blend has been used.



2.5kg gives you plenty of bait for several active, successful sessions, so make the most of the opportunity, and order yours today.

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