Drennan Red Range 8m Margin Pole

SKU: 5055394238602

Only 2 units left
  • True-length 8m pole
  •  Extra strong
  •  Six sections
  •  Take-apart construction
  •  Pre-fitted Side Pull Slots
  •  Average weight 870g
  •  Pre-bushed top kits
  •  Spare Top 2 Margin Kit included
  •  The Package: 8m pole including Margin Kit
  •  Spare Margin Kit
  •  2x Roller Cones
  •  Extractor Rod
  •  Cupping Adaptor
  •  Polemaster Pole Pot
  •  Side Pull Beads
  •  EVA Nose Cone
  •  Skid Bung
  •  Wipe clean nylon bag

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