Fishus Naoki Eels 110mm/4.5in

SKU: 8432997252131

Fishus Naoki Eels 110mm/4.5in

SKU: 8432997252131
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Fishus Naoki Eels 110mm/4.5in

Fishus Naoki Eels 110mm/4.5in

The Naoki Eel lure mimics the feeling of a fry, both in shape and texture and especially in swimming. The body movement in the water emits low frequency vibrations that reach sensory organs of predators.


Excellent Lineal retrieve and wobbling action. The subtle colors and shape highly increase their attractiveness. Pack of 3.




  • Length: 110mm/4.5in.
  • Type: Sinking
  • 3 per pack

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