Fortis Bays All Weather Sunglasses

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Fortis Bays All Weather Sunglasses - taskers-angling

Fortis Bays All Weather Sunglasses

SKU: 5060421280028
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The Fortis Eyewear Bays polarised sunglasses have been designed with a 22 degree wrap angle offering excellent side coverage to help eliminate the ingress of side light. The Bays are also the first model in the Fortis range to incorporate our zero hinge technology making these frames extremely lightweight & robust. These glasses perform well above their price bracket in comparison with other leading manufacturers.



The Bays are the first model in the Fortis range that integrate our XBlok technology. A reflective surface coating that offers additional (or extra) glare block to enhance vision. Not only does this technology provide maximum functionality but the reflective surface coating is also aesthetically pleasing, creating a mirror of colour. Available in a range of colours, each designed to filter out certain colours within the light spectrum to give maximum performance in any condition.


Lens description below in order of gallery pics above:

Brown (no XBlok) – Best all round lens with excellent contrast definition.

Green (no XBlok) – Superb lens for “natural vision” as much of the blue light is absorbed.

Grey (no XBlok) – Best suited to bright conditions. Ideal for prolonged wear as the grey lens is neutral on the colour spectrum.

Fire XBlok – Superb all round protection.

Blue XBlok – Provides superior contrast in bright sunlight.

Gold XBlok – Offers the highest contrast. Ideal for spotting dark shapes in deep clear water.

SWITCH – a lens that changes with the light levels. It has superb contrast definition. These are perfect for low light right through to bright light conditions as the lens will darken when it is bright or lighten when it is dark.

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