Korda Black & White Range White Bobbin

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Korda Black & White Range White Bobbin

Korda is a brand which is famous for its product innovation and each item that the brand releases is more hotly anticipated than the one before it! This is with good reason, too, as Korda is a brand which consistently delivers and the brand is proud to say that they have never released a new product ‘just because’. In fact, each new product the brand designs is as a directly result of the team perceiving a gap in the market and a need on the bank. These Black and Whites are the new indicators from the brand but, as you might expect, these are much more than just another bobbin. In fact, this revolutionary design has been banded around the Korda offices for some twenty years – almost the brand’s entire lifespan. In classic Korda style, the brand refused to release these until they met the team’s famously high standards. Finally, the day has come and Black and Whites are available for the wider angling world!

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