Korda Dark Matter Rig Barbless Wide Gape

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Korda Dark Matter Rig Barbless Wide Gape - taskers-angling

Korda Dark Matter Rig Barbless Wide Gape

SKU: 5060323809129
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Korda Dark Matter Rig Barbless Wide Gape

Adding to Kordas popular and successful range of ready-tied rigs, Dark Matter gives you the opportunity to take your angling deep and mysterious.


A favourite of Korda's Neil Spooner, who has used it to land carp of all sizes from a wide variety of waters, the Dark Matter rig is tied on a Wide Gape hook, offering great hooking potential via the piece of shrink tubing that has been added to give an even more aggressive turn in the water. A piece of silicon on the shank ensures the hair comes off at just the right point, giving you optimum, unrivalled performance, whatever water you’re fishing, and whatever your level of experience or skill.


Dark Matter braid sinks incredibly well, giving you the opportunity to plumb the depths of your swim, where all the big beasts watch and wait, and, hopefully, entice something out of hiding. The rig comes supplied with extender hair stops, which make it compatible with a wide variety of different sized baits and allows you to change the length of the hair as required, giving you complete fishing flexibility, and the best chance possible of getting a successful take from a fish worth having.


Whether you prefer fishing with barbed or barbless hooks, the Dark Matter Rig can accommodate you, plumbing the darkest depths of your venue to hook you the fish that matter.


Korda stand for innovation, and are proudly ushering in a new era of carp fishing, taking it far beyond the stereotype of a “slightly weird hobby”, and bringing it into the light of a genuinely fascinating, engaging, action-packed sport that’s suitable for all ages and abilities.


Run by anglers, for anglers, Korda much prefer their team to be out by the water, getting practical, real-world experience of every Korda product, and each new potential product, rather than sitting behind a desk imagining what the product might look and feel like.


If you want to give yourself the edge to take your angling beyond the edge, then Korda is the brand for you.


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