Korda IQ D Rig Kurv

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Korda IQ D Rig Kurv

SKU: 5060323806876
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Korda IQ D Rig Kurv - taskers-angling

Korda IQ D Rig Kurv

The IQ D Rig came about as a modern way to fish a stiff hooklink that for the first time (for me anyway) offered fantastic separation of the hook and bait whilst keeping the two very close together when first taken.

I have always been aa fan of very aggressive rigs, by this I mean rigs which react very quickly to even the slightest tightening of the hooklink and which have a tendency to 'spring' against the mouth of the fish when taken. The combination of the slightly stiff fluorocarbon and Kurv Shanked hook makes the hook catch hold as quickly as anything I have ever used and the addition of the micro rig swivel further enhances this, it allows the hook to twist into the flesh without having to turn the hookbait, its a tiny change from using a rig ring but I think its another percentage in our favour which can only put more fish on the bank.

The stiffness of the IQ2 allows for a slightly longer hooklink, which means the rig is fish able over bottom debris as well as clean gravel. I have even used it sliding on leadcore on a layer of thick bottom weed to great effect. In normal circumstances I couple it with a lead clip or inline and my new favourite COG lead system, it really suits all lead set ups.

For me the key to its success is a slow sinking bait, this negates the weight of the hook and restrictive nature of the hooklink. It also helps to hide the hook as the bait should sit just above it. I make my own slow sinkers with a mix of bottom bait and pop up mixes, the same can be achieved by moulding cork dust into past, drilling out a bait and plugging it with cork or with a snowman.

I have used this rig for a couple of years now all over Europe, taking fish from every type of lake you can imagine at every range over every type of feed. It’s now my Number One Choice.

After producing the latest Underwater DVD’s it was clear that this rig was by far the most effective when it came to converting pick-ups into landed fish. Although plenty of other rigs scored well, it just seemed that this one worked best. I’m not going to give too much away as all will be revealed in the latest DVD – a real eye opener. 

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