Korda IQ2 Florocarbon Hooklink

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Korda IQ2 Florocarbon Hooklink - taskers-angling

Korda IQ2 Florocarbon Hooklink

SKU: 5060062111293
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Korda IQ2 Florocarbon Hooklink

IQ2 Fluorocarbon is a softer version of our legendary IQ. This softness makes it a versatile hook link material, which gives free movement to even quite light hook baits, like a single grain of pop-up corn, or real maize.

Just like the original IQ, IQ2 is nigh-on invisible in water. The way that light passes through the material is quite close to the way that it moves through water, rendering your hook links very difficult for carp to detect.

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KIQS20 - 20lb / 20m spool

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