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Korda Ready Zigs Size 10

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Korda Ready Tied Zig Rigs are ultra-convenient, reliable, versatile and easy to use, slotting easily into most tackle boxes.


A zig rig is essentially a fishing tactic, and an effective one at that. It’s simply a must have piece of kit when angling for carp. It’s a known fact that carp do not spend all their time at the bottom of the lake, they actually spend most of their time mid-water.


Zigs are becoming increasingly popular and it isn’t hard to see why. With carp preferring to spend most of their time off the bottom, it makes sense to present your bait where the carp are. A significant number of anglers are beginning to realise the benefits of zig rig fishing, isn’t it time you did too?    


This is where the Korda zig rigs come in, Korda is world-renowned for its quality carp fishing terminal tackle. Zigs are an essential item in any carp anglers tackle box, perfect for mid-water presentation of the zigs ultra-buoyant hook-bait. These latest additions use 8lb zig lines and ultra-sharp Mixa hooks. 


These zigs come in a range of different types and lengths, and here at Angling Direct, we stock all the varieties:



    • 6ft, Barbless


    • 6ft, Barbed


    • 8ft, Barbless


    • 8ft, Barbed


    • 10ft, Barbless


    • 10ft, Barbed


    • 12ft, Barbless


    • 12ft, Barbed



All hooks are sized 10. Korda have opted to use size 10 hooks because a size 10 hook offers huge gape and hypodermic sharpness, precisely what you need to better your chances of landing a catch.


As with everything Korda, these zig rigs were designed with simplicity in mind. In order to prepare the rig, simply attach via kwik-link or loop-to-loop attachments and use with either a lead clip or drop-off inline set-up.


These ready-tied zig rigs are a great time saver and are every bit as good as the ones used by some of the UK’s top anglers. They’ve been tied to exacting standards; the hooks are also tied to a tinted 8lb zig hook link mono, thus providing the perfect camouflage.


 EVA foam spools help protect the rigs, meaning that these Korda zig rigs are built to last. Each spool comes complete with three ready-tied zigs as standard, which can simply be cut to any size, depending on what depth you wish to fish at.


Once your fishing session is over, you can easily wind the zigs back onto the spools for storage. Better yet, they come with three foam hook baits in black, pink and yellow – completely free of charge!


Included are three rigs and three hookbaits per rig.



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