Korda Sinking Rig Tube

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Korda Sinking Rig Tube - taskers-angling

Korda Sinking Rig Tube

SKU: 5060062111897
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Korda Sinking Rig Tube

As any angler will know,Korda is one of the original innovators of carp fishing ever since its conception in 1993 and it maintains that title in the industry still today. It is now one of the top names in British Carp fishing and it pathed this way by making sure that each and every one of its products have a practical use down on the bank. Its team is comprised of experienced and avid carp fishermen who use their love and passion for the sport in order to design the most helpful products possible that are guaranteed to make you catch more fish down on the bank and this Sinking Rig Tube is no exception.


The Korda Sinking Rig Tube has been expertly and carefully designed to release air out of the tube quickly and then allow it to sink to the bottom. This sinking mechanic is extremely important and useful and is just one of Korda’s many innovative ideas. Commonly, carp are line shy and this mechanic will make them feel more safe when going after your bait and will therefore make it more likely for them to catch on to your hook, so you can reel in more carp than you ever did before. With this sinking rig tube, not even the shiest of carp will be able to resist your bait.


Another excellent feature of this innovative product is that the rig tubing will completely stop the hook link from wrapping around the main line. This is exceptionally useful as it will prevent tangles which can be incredibly annoying and fiddly to fix, and often take up a lot of your time. Tangles can also cause significant damage to you gear, so it is always a bonus to be able to avoid them completely. Now, you can safely cast your rod without any worries of tangles or tears and simply get down to being one with nature and fishing to your heart’s content.


This sinking rib tube is a great accessory for any angler who wants to protect fish and make sure that their gear and equipment doesn’t harm them whatsoever, so we can keep the waters healthily populated with fish for years to come. It stops the fish from coming into contact with the line during the fight entirely. This way, there is no risk of the fish injuring itself on the line or anywhere else on your rod for that matter. You can reel in carp safely, even if they are on the aggressive side, and put them back in the water later with no damage at all. Korda has taken the time to design this product so that it is useful for anglers and non-damaging to fish or their habitats as well.


Korda’s products are well known for their practical element and ease of use, and this Sinking Rig Tube is no different. It will sink into the water fast so you waste no time in getting straight to why you’re on the bank in the first place. Not only that, but it is also easy to thread which makes it perfect for both novice anglers and experts alike. No matter how long you have been on the angling scene, you will be able to use this sinking rig tube to its full potential and reel in some huge carp.


It is available in a range of Korda camo colours: Weed, Clay, Gravel and Silt. There is a colour for every possible type of water you may encounter. If the river you fish at is surrounded by plants, then the colour Weed will be perfect. If you are in areas with more silt heavy waters, then, as the name suggests, the Silt coloured rig tube will be ideal.

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