Korda Super Natural Line 18lb

SKU: 5060062112412
Korda Super Natural Line 18lb - taskers-angling

Korda Super Natural Line 18lb

SKU: 5060062112412
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Korda Super Natural Line 18lb

This is a finely woven braid that’s mega supple and ultra strong. Due to its suppleness, Supernatural will gently rest over the contours of the lake bed laying flat and out of the carp’s way. This suppleness also makes it just about as good a solid-bag hook link as you can get. It's championed by the likes of Ian Poole, which shows you just how good it is.

If the carp in your water have been hammered on the popular coated braids, give this a try because it presents something that is completely different to them. Supernatural is available in Weedy Green and Gravel Brown, which makes it blend in with many different lake bed types.

KSNG – Weedy Green 18lb
KSNB – Gravel Brown 25lb

KSNG25 - Weedy Green 25lb
KSNB25 - Gravel Brown 25lb

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