PikePro Extra Strong Lure Trace 60lb

SKU: 5060134291816

PikePro Extra Strong Lure Trace 60lb

SKU: 5060134291816
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PikePro Extra Strong Lure Trace 60lb - taskers-angling

Most pike anglers cast or troll lures that are 6” or more, often weighing over 4oz. For this, it’s important to use robust gear that will stand up to the loads put on tackle by these big lures. These lure traces are not only strong enough for the task, but they’re also long enough to prevent the pike biting through the trace and into the line.

Built for Big Lures & Tough Pike

Made from a seven-strand wire with a 60lb breaking strain, it comes with swivels that have a 100lb breaking strain and secure tournament clips, all to ensure maximum durability.

Finished to Perfection

These lure traces are kink-resistant and finished in a subtle black plastic coating. The 18” length eliminates the risk of bite-offs, should a pike jump or roll during the fight.



  • 18” length

  • Seven-strand wire with a 60lb breaking strain

  • Swivels with a 100lb breaking strain

  • Super secure tournament clips

  • Kink-resistant plastic coated wire

  • Black

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