Sonik S4 12ft commercial feeder 1oz/2oz/3oz -D

SKU: 5055279506895
Sonik S4 12ft commercial feeder 1oz/2oz/3oz -D

Sonik S4 12ft commercial feeder 1oz/2oz/3oz -D

SKU: 5055279506895
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The Sonik S4 Commercial Feeder rod is the latest rod to join Sonik’s impressive S4 range. Offering high quality rods with cutting edge technologies at affordable prices, the Sonik S4 series ensures that you’re able to fish with the very best equipment no matter your budget. This Commercial Feeder has been purpose designed for those anglers who find themselves regularly targeting the UK’s biggest and best commercial fisheries, primarily using the feeder fishing method.

All of the rods in the S4 Commercial Feeder ranger boast a two piece construction and offer three precision graded push in carbon quiver tips. The rod blanks are all able to offer a highly responsive progressive action, ensuring a crisp recovery and easy loading power. Well balanced and ultra slim, the rods in the S4 Commercial Feeder range are all able to offer expert fish playing prowess and they can comfortably absorb the aggressive lunges that you might face when tackling the coarse fish in some of the nations finest fisheries. This rod series is able to offer unparalleled bite detection, too, so you’re able to capitalise on every take with confidence.

Available at 10ft, 11ft, and 12ft in length, this rod series is exceptionally versatile and can be used to great effect across the UK’s commercial fisheries. All of the rods in the range are fitted with a DPS reel seat, which is finished with a down locking EVA hood to keep your reel in precision position at all times. The lightweight aluminium oxide guides allow for easy line transmission along the length of the rod, even when you’re loaded up with a heavy feeder. The rod is finished with a top end high grade cork handle, which has been fitted with an EVA rear grip for ergonomic comfort.

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