Sticky Baits Fish Sauce 500ml

SKU: 732068408336

Sticky Baits Fish Sauce 500ml

SKU: 732068408336
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Sticky Baits Fish Sauce 500ml - taskers-angling

Sticky Baits Fish Sauce 500ml


The first of the three liquids to feature in our new 500ml bottles is an old classic, Hemp Oil. Having been a part of our range for years and being so popular we have decided to increase its bottle size, doubling it from 250ml to 500ml.


This premium-quality, cold-pressed oil is extracted from high-grade hempseed on the very first filtration, producing what is undeniably one of the finest carp attractors of all time. This thin oil has a distinctive nutty taste and aroma and will disperse effortlessly in water, even when the temperature drops, giving it the edge over most other bulk food oils.


Our nutritious hemp oil can be used to glug boilies, pellets and hookbaits, toughening and preserving them, as well as elevating their attractiveness. It also makes for a great addition to any bag or stick mix with it being completely PVA friendly.


Our next addition to the range is a liquid that I’m sure you’re all familiar with, Salmon Oil. This fresh Scottish salmon oil is a proven fish attractor, as well as an excellent energy source for carp. Our Pure Salmon Oil is a particularly rich source of Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids that carp require as a part of their diet. Its uses in carp fishing are many and varied, the two most effective applications for this liquid are coating hookbaits and coating freebies, be they boilies of floaters.


A coating of this rich oil gives an added level of attraction to your baits, especially throughout the warmer months and the thinnest glaze will help to make cork-ball pop-ups tougher and preserves them long past their normal shelf life.


The final of the three liquids is much more potent than the above, Fish Sauce! This totally natural liquid packs a hell of a punch and is made from fermented anchovy extract, salt and sugar, giving it a pungent, salty-sweet kick that fish seem to find difficult to resist.


This human grade liquid is often used in Thai cooking meaning it is the very best available and is extremely effective when mixed in with particles during preparation. As well as a particle soak, Fish Sauce makes a great glaze for boilies and pellet, giving them a unique boost. This is a thin liquid that is extremely soluble, meaning it releases its attractor payload very soon after your bait enters the water.

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