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Autumn fishing tips

Autumn fishing tips

We are now in the middle of Autumn which stretches from September through to November. We can expect spells of sunshine, rain, heavy winds and colder nights over the new few weeks before winter starts. This can be a great time to get out Angling so we thought we would provide some tips on how you can have the most success when out. 


One of the main benefits of fishing in Autumn is that there are many different species of fish which can be caught. The change in temperature and weather can mean that saltwater fish from the coastline are drawn in and predator fish slowly start to emerge for the season. This can mean that there is a bigger chance of the larger fish appearing in the waters!

In terms of where is best to fish this is an important thing for anglers to think through. Areas where the waters are deeper should be worth looking at targeting. Silty waters can often be overlooked so trying there could be a good idea and they can often attract carp as they will harvest off the lakes natural organisms.


Timing wise Autumn can create higher night time activity in fish. Being prepared for the dark to come early is something we would recommend so having torches, phones and warm clothes to hand should be a must. Depending on the location you are this may not be a case so making notes on when fish activity is at its highest is a good tip. 

As briefly mentioned earlier making sure you are warm and comfortable in what you are wearing is very important, this is even more important when it comes to if you will be night fishing, waterproof and windproof gear is essential! Having your tackle and bait organised in advance is also an important step to make sure you are prepared for Autumn fishing. Having all of this sorted well in advance means that you can spend more time focusing on fishing. 


We hope that you have found these tips helpful when it comes to Autumn fishing and you have many successful days out Angling. 

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