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Whats new this week

Whats new this week

At Taskers Angling we have some exciting new gear to show off to you this week. All of these are available for you to get now so have a read through our blog to see if anything stands out to you. 


1. Sonik Xtractor Recon Rod Sleeve 12ft


These rod sleeves are truly versatile, each being fully padded and having a host of advanced features. The unique connector points on each allow for multiple sleeves to be joined together to easily create a double rod sleeve or even a custom rod hall system of your own. The side utility straps are perfect for adding items such as a landing net and the opposite side has a zipped lead pocket and webbing straps for 2 bansticks. 


2. Sonik Dominator XS 10000 Surf Reel


This reel combines durability and solid performances at a realistic price point. It is built to withstand the demands of harsh saltwater environments and the massive 18kg micro adjust drag will cope with battling tough fish in harsh conditions. With a high strength, lightweight graphite body/rotor, comfortable large soft touch handle grip and oversize twist free line roller, an ideal choice for the committed shore angler looking for a versatile all round reel 


3. Sonik SKS Black Beach Rod 13ft 4-6oz


SKS shore rods bring the world of top end surfs to a whole new accessible level. They feature upgraded, more powerful yet lighter blanks from its SKS shore rod predecessors which will suit every casting ability easily. Each rod is perfectly tailored to offer perfect all round action, meaning they are as effective on clean ground as they are in heavy terrain. Each rod comes with a custom sliding reel seat to fit reel up or reel down casting styles.  


4. Fox Edges High Visual High Risers


Water soluable foam nuggets which will come in handy when out by the water! Suspends the hook above bottom debris after your cast and dissolves shortly after touchdown releasing the hook bait to gently rest on the lake/river bed. It is biogredable and fish friendly. Foam is attached to your rig by licking and folding around the hook which covers the point. 


5. Nash Scopex Squid Pop-Ups Pink


Uses the same dedicated liquid blend as the frozen and stabilised scopex squid boilies. Also has improved buoyancy for more chod rig and jointed stiff link presentations. Needle friendly Scopex Squid Airballs constantly release attractors whilst retaining their buoyancy and balance even when left out for long periods.


We hope you have seen some great gear that you want to get your hands on. If you have any questions about any of these items then please visit our store or give us a call on 01512606015.




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