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Big Matrix re-stock

Big Matrix re-stock

This week at Taskers Angling we have seen plenty of new Matrix gear land on our shelves. We thought that we would show some of this off to you incase you see anything that you will need. Mostly this revolves around accessories for your seatbox.


1. Matrix 3D-R Brolly Bracket


Designed to offer incredible stability with the additional fixed knuckles increasing strength. The double threaded fixing point offers extra rigidity during weather that is particularly bad. 


2. Matrix 3D-R Keepnet Arm Short mk2


This is an ultra-compact design which features a 3D-R quick release thread. There is also an Ergonomic easy grip hand wheel with a new reinforced design. It fits 25mm, 30mm and 36mm round legs. 


3. Matrix Pole & Net Rest 


A very simple product to use. Just screw it into your seat box accessory attachment or bank stick for an easy method of keeping all your gear very close to hand. 


4. Matrix 3D-R Side Tray Support Arm


Here to support your side tray without the use of additional legs. It also provides maximum support for all sizes of side trays and features 2 fixed leg blocks to ensure no flex or movement. There is also lightweight matt aluminium extrusions. 

5. Matrix 3D-R EVA Roost Bar
A 6-kit roost capable of holding 6 top kits. The hex shaped EVA foam is designed to prevent kits from lifting out in the wind. There is also a single 3D-R quick release knuckle. Multiple fitting options are available and can be used for top kits or spare pole sections.
We hope that you have seen some gear that you like. If you have any questions about anything then please visit our store or give us a call on 01512606015.


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