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New Nash Moonshine Lites

New Nash Moonshine Lites

At Taskers Angling we are happy to show off our new Nash moonshine lites. These are available to order now or to buy in store if you choose to visit us. We wanted to share some more information with you on each of these lights so that you know a bit more about them.


1. Nash Moonshine Micro Lite


This comes with 3 LED brightness settings and 1 red LED night vision setting. It has a micro USB charge and recharge. There is also a built in 1000mA battery and it is also waterproof. It has a recharge time of 3 hours, a run time of 6-12 hours and it is also has an adjustable elasticated head band. 


2. Nash Moonshine Multi Lite


Designed for carp anglers this LED light does it all. Its flat profile allows for it to be worn comfortably around the neck in a sleep system but the torch unit can be instantly unclipped to use in a number of ways. Also comes complete with an innovative range of fittings to give it more uses than any other bankside light. 


The lens gives off a gentle glow so you will always be able to see where the torch is. This lite is also supplied with a flexi bracket, 360 magnetic bracket, multi strap and a bushwacker clip. 


3. Nash Moonshine Mega Lite


The mega lite comes as a result of lengthy development to design the ultimate high power lamps for anglers. If you are a carper who knows the value of lamping the width of a canal or deep waters. It can help you to find margin features so you know where to aim you're rig at night.


Despite its power use the mega lite remains compact to wear and the curved rear battery pack is comfortable unlike previous ones in years gone by. 


We hope that you like the lites that we have shown you today and that there is one you would like to buy! Remember if you have any questions about any of these then please do visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015. 





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