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Back in stock this week

Back in stock this week

This week at Taskers Angling we have seen plenty of products be re-stocked. These range from clothes to nets with a number of different things as well. Read through and see if there is anything you like. 


1. Trakker Nitelife Bug Blaster 


This is a multi-purpose design and can be utilised as both an LED lantern and an ultraviolet mosquito killer. This will not only protect you from an unwanted invasion of pests but also means you can take the bug blaster inside the shelter making the most of the LED light setting. 


2. Wychwood Solace Landing Net 42 in.


This has ultra light and ultra strong handle and arms. Also comes with a high midbighy black mesh and a super strong custom block with isotope slots. Comes in a protective carry case. 


3. RidgeMonkey APEarel Trucker Cap


Both fashionable and comfortable. The trucker cap features 4 mesh panels to the rear and a 3D rubberised logo to the front cotton panel. Also features a rear adjuster, allowing for you to tailor the cap to whatever suits you best. Available in green, grey and black. 


4. Fox Eos Pro Traveller Rods


An affordably priced retractable rod which is also lightweight and made up of a low resin carbon construction. Other key features include: 

  • SLIK Air guides
  • Anti-frap tip guide
  • 40mm ringing pattern
  • High quality 18mm reel seat

Also has a matt black finish and full shrink wrap, available in two different sizes. 


5. Fox Rage Thermolite Socks 

Perfect for colder days and nights by the water. Have high thermal qualities due to thermolite insulation and are made of a highly-durable construction. Features quick drying and moisture wicking qualities, also available in two sizes. 


We hope you like some of the re-stock products you have seen today. Remember if there is anything you have questions about then do visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.




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