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Big Sale Blog: 3 Must See Bed Offers

Big Sale Blog: 3 Must See Bed Offers

Good beds can make or break a fishing trip. You don't want to find yourself in a situation where you aren't getting a good nights sleep! At Taskers Angling we have some great beds featured in our big sale and our highlighting 3 that you will definitely be able to depend on. 


1. Trakker Levelite Lumbar Bed


This bed is designed with a totally flat profile for a perfect night’s sleep. It features full-length lumbar support and a high-density foam mattress to provide supreme comfort and back support. The strong aluminium and steel frame construction is combined with double hinge technology, allowing you to store a 5-season sleeping bag inside with ease. It also has leg adjustments which lock into place with the click of a button. It is also quick and easy to use with a simple unclip and unfold system. 

2. Aqua Atom Bed System


With the ambition to be the perfect balance between mobility and comfort, the Atom Bed System has been designed and developed to sit low under compact shelters, and offer optimum performance for mobile anglers. It also has a          low-profile aluminium frame with six legs for even weight distribution, and a fully adjustable lumbar support. The mattress is self-inflating, which utilises air to allow it to be tailored to your preferred level of comfort and save as much weight as possible overall. Definitely one to be considered 

3. Aqua DPM Atom Bed System


Now in a fashionable DPM camouflage pattern the first ever bed system from Atom forms an important part of the brands concept. It has a lot of the similar features our previous bed has. It aims to provide the best comfort and wants to make it ideal for the most mobile of anglers. Some of its other key features include: 

  • Hollow-core fibre filling traps air inside for increased heat retention
  • Smooth polyester lining for easy movement and reduced friction
  • Easy-exit crash zips
  • External and internal baffles stop warm air exiting and cold air penetrating the zips


We hope that you have found this blog helpful when it comes to getting the bed which is right for you! If you have any questions about any products then please visit our Liverpool Store or give us a call on 01512606015.







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