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Big Sale Blog: Some Of Our Best Offers Under £20

Big Sale Blog: Some Of Our Best Offers Under £20

We are nearing the end of our sale here at Taskers Angling but there is still time for you to cash in on some big offers. Today we are highlighting some deals that may be suited for someone not looking to invest too heavily in something like a new bivvy or rod.


1. RidgeMonkey Gorillabox Toaster Case Standard


This weather resistant toaster case also has a hard walled exterior making it very reliable. It also has a full lengh double zip, removable divider and an integral storage pouch. Definitely a dependable item an Angler should have with them. 


2. NGT Eco Unhooking Mat


Again an unhooking mat is something every Angler will need! If is used to keep fish off the ground when you are unhooking them. This one is very basic and also thin. 

3. Savage Gear Deep Throat Hookout
Perfect for removing lures and hooks from even the most deeply hooked fish.  Superb for both lures and bait rigs. Supplied in nice pouch with zinger never leave home without it.
4. Riser Pellet Plus 1.6kg
With the new Riser Pellet Plus blend. The mass bait feeding reaction is heightened with the new combination of oil based Pure Crustacean plus the addition of an amino rich food dip that boosts attraction beneath your pellet slick. This also has greater buoyancy and an even higher nutrient profile for the most deadly surface feed yet. 
5. Avenger Buzz Bar Kit & Carrycase 3 Rod 20-34cm
This is made out of high grade aluminium and is a fully adjustabe product. It is also very strong and lightweight with compression fitted joints. It also has a  Compact Carry bag with hang.
We hope you have seen an offer that you like. If you have any questions about what product may be best suited to you then please visit our Liverpool Store or give us a call on 01512606015.
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