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Pike Fishing In The Cold Months? These Items Could Come In Handy

Pike Fishing In The Cold Months? These Items Could Come In Handy

For many Anglers now is the time of year to go fishing for Pike. The cold weather makes this species an ideal one to try and catch so we can expect to see many of you out by the water over the next few weeks trying out your luck! If you need new gear to take with you then don't worry. A Taskers Angling we have got you covered with a few ideas of what you can get. 


1. Fox Rage Predator System Drifter


This is perfect for finding those predator fish, such as pike that like to hold up at a distance. This system drifter incorporates a moulded shaft and it allows for the two different sized bodies to be changed quickly. It also features a quick release eye, two bodies, orange vane and a buoyant extension tube.   


2. Savage Gear Carbon49 Coated Grey Wire 10m


This is Ultra strong and flexible with 49 strand stainless steel wire. It is also coated with a strong carbon copolymer which gives superb abrasion resistance. Other key features of this products include: 

• 7x7 strands spun and braided with perfection

• Coated with abrasion resistant Co-Polyamide

• Perfect for Crimps and knots

• Soft and flexible


3. Sonik Dominator X Travel Spin 4Pce


A very reliable rod when it comes to trying to catch Pike and other Predator Fish. It is lightweight, has multi-modulus carbon fibre blanks with a crisp, fast action which is ideal for casting and controlling angry fish. It also has a full high modulus carbon construction and a quality DPS reel seat and hook keeper ring. It is also supplied in rod bag and cordura tube.

4. Akios Spyro GT Fixed Spool Reels
Sporting a tough yet lightweight carbon composite body and rotor, the SPYRO GT sure does pack a punch for its price! It features 5+1 stainless steel bearings for a smooth operation, and powerful stainless steel main shaft and brass pinion, and a micrometric drag system to control the surges of fast running fish. Other key features include: 
  • Instant Anti-Reverse System
  • Aluminium Longcast Shallow Spool
  • Additional Graphite Deep Spool
  • Longcast Angled Spool Lip for Reduce Friction During Cast


5. Fox Rage Stack n Store Deep Lure Box 8 Compartment


This box is made out of durable plastic and has adjustable individual compartments. Cover and closures are separately removable, not fixed, and therefore cannot break off. The boxes are plasticiser-resistant and, therefore, suitable for storage of all kinds of rubber baits. 


We hope that you have seen something you feel will help you land that big pike catch over the next few weeks! If you have any questions about these products then please do visit our Liverpool Store or give us a call on 01512606015.

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