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Tips For Catching Pike

Tips For Catching Pike



Its Pike season which means that many of you will be getting down by the water to land those big catches! At Taskers Angling we thought that it would be helpful to provide some tips on when it comes to catching Pike. Whether you go fishing for Pike regularly or are looking to start trying to catch this species of fish there may be something helpful for you. 


First of all Pike fish themselves are cold blooded creatures. After spending a lot of the summer months feeding they regain their strength making them fit and healthy for the winter, a prime time to try and catch one. Pike is the most common predator fish in the UK so its no wonder so many Anglers try and catch them. Some of the attributes that they have include being able to hunt in coloured waters at night, they can accelerate quickly to catch their pray and can hang motionless in the water whilst looking for something to eat, making them effective ambush predators.


In terms of where you are most likely to find Pike fish rivers are best or bodies of water that are fed by rivers. If you are new to this then don't worry, rivers of any size will most likely contain some pike and big ones at that! If you are new to rivers then maybe try Angling in smaller ones at first to help build up an understanding of them. 


When discussing the best methods that can be used to catch Pike fish there are a few that can be tried. Simple low resistance rigs do tend to work along with a roving approach, particularly if you are an alert Angler. Because you may be moving around more it is best to travel light. Hungry Pike are likely to bite within 20-30 minutes of casting a line so if you don't get a hit by then it may be best moving on to the next spot. Fishing a dead bait is a preferred method of choice by us. For more information on this we have a page explaining this in more detail. 


Being realistic with your expectations is something you should bear in mind when Pike fishing as well. Fish over 10lb are not uncommon but fish over 20lb are seen as good catches. However when it comes to Pike fishing do be aware that a big bait does not mean you are more likely to catch a big fish. Something like a Mackerel Tail should be enough to attract big Pike but can also attract smaller ones.


So now let's talk about what to do when you catch a Pike. In the water Pike are strong predators but when on the bank they should really be handled with great care. Here are some guidelines to stick by when you are handling Pike out of water: 

  • Do not touch or handle it with anything dry.
  • Weigh it and take a photo as quick as possible. 
  • Do not stand up holding a Pike (or any fish). 
  • Do not keep the fish out of water any longer than necessary. 


Finally but most importantly make sure you yourself stay safe when fishing by rivers, in particular during the winter.  Banks can often be quite steep and slippery with the waters being incredibly cold. If you were to slip in this could lead to a cold shock response which could cause a heart attack or drowning. Being careful and making sure someone knows where you are or going with a friend are good steps to take to make Angling safer. 

We hope you have found this helpful and feel prepared to go out and land those big Pike catches! Our Liverpool Store offers a lot of great Pike Products and we have attached some examples below. Please do come and visit us if you need assistance with anything or give us a call on 01512606015. 

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