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Prologic Spider Pod 3 Rod

Compact and lightweight, this rod pod is the ultimate solution for the modern carp angler. Supplied with four standard legs and two extension legs, it can be placed in any kind of swim, doesn't matter if you are fishing an urban water from a cement side walk or a natural lake, thanks to the four arms mainframe it will always guarantee you good stability. Easy and fast to set up and pack down very compact thanks to the new swiveling connection between banksticks and buzzer bars.

  • Four extendable legs
  • Two adjustable extra long legs 43cm to 73cm
  • Adjustable main frame
  • Flip lock connections for bite alarms and rod rest
  • Carry bag included
  • Buzzer bar for 3 rod 30cm and 35cm
  • Buzzer bar for 4 rod 54cm and 60cm

Prologic Black Fire Buzz Bars & Sticks Kit

  • 2 Rod Kit
  • Two buzzer bar (15cm & 20cm)
  • Two adjustable banksticks (20cm to 35cm)
  • Hard carry case included
  • 3 Rod Kit
  • Two buzzer bar (30cm & 35cm)
  • Four adjustable banksticks (30cm to 55cm)
  • Hard carry case included

Prologic SNZ Slim Hang Indicator Set 3 Rod

Elegant and functional, this range of swing and hang bite indicator will suit the need of the most demanding anglers. Thanks to a new solution on the line clip you are able to use a traditional stainless steel ball line clip if you want your line free to slide or you can pinch the line on the lower line clip that is placed just underneath the stainless steel ball line clip. All the bobbins are made using high reflection acrylic transparent plastic that gives a great visual detection. All the single indicators are sold with a spare head and additional weight, while the 3 or 4 rod set is supplied with an additional all blue bobbins set.• Twin line clip system• Supplied with spare bobbins• Additional weight included• Black finish “snake” chain• Ultra bright acrylic bobbins body• Can accommodate beta light• Hockey stick screw connection

Prologic Power Post 2 Rod Goalpost Kit

For the brand new Power Post we have used high-grade aluminium tubes, black anodized with a diameter of 16mm. This set allow you to fish with two rods on buzzer bar or with each rod on single bankstick setup. Supplied with elegant and practical carry pouch.• Front buzzer bar 25cm• Rear buzzer bar 20cm• Four banksticks 25cm• 16mm tubes• High grade, black anodized aluminium• Carry pouch included• Weight: 1kg

Prologic SNZ Chubby Hang Indicator Set 3 Rod

A superb 2 in 1 system which provides excellent bite indication in all scenarios.

Option one has the ball bearing clip provides the perfect free flowing bobbin set up. Option 2 has a grip system that gives a fixed indication perfect for spotting subtle takes. When used as a fixed bobbin a fast take will automatically release the line into the free flow mode without dropping the bobbin from the line providing the perfect 2 in 1 set up. The bobbin will always be secured to the line in either set up even in the most violent of takes but will release easily on the strike.

Ideal for a 3 rod set


  • Twin line clip system
  • Supplied with spare bobbins
  • Additional weight included
  • Ultra-bright acrylic bodies
  • Can accommodate beta light
  • Hockey stick screw connection

Prologic P.A.C Swing Indicator Kit

Prologic P.A.C. Swing Indicator Kit, As in the Prologic tradition we offer a full assortment of colours and additional weight on this compact and stylish bite indicator. Adjustable metal line clip and screw-in connection makes this bite indicator extremely robust and reliable, the additional weight has proven to be extremely useful when fishing long distance or during the windier days.

  • Stylish, compact, reliable
  •  Metal line clip
  •  Additional weight included
  •  Available with a metallic arm
  •  Screw-in connection
  •  Four assorted coloured heads included

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