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Nash Pinpoint Fang X Hooks **SAVE 10%**

Designed to give you rock-solid hook hold, these Nash Pinpoint Fang X Hooks are the ultimate tool in your carp angling arsenal, created to be stronger, sharper, and lighter than other hook options, and are developed using superior grade material, and a more advanced manufacturing process, resulting in a hook that’s simple, striking, and wholly effective.

With a curved shank, and 20 degree downturned eye, this is a versatile hook choice that will take your angling to the next level.

Nash Pinpoint Claw Barbless Hooks **SAVE 10%**

  • Updated patterns and advanced manufacture
  • Raises the bar with the most advanced, sharpest hook range yet
  • Radical new wide gape extreme design
  • Ultimate strength with the biggest carp
  • Unique apex angled bend design
  • Secure hook holds under extreme pressure
  • Combines the hooking ability of a straight point
  • Durability of a beaked pattern
  • Enlarged eye for use with heavy hooklinks

Nash Helicopter Sleeve **SAVE 10%**

Sits neatly over Link Clips or lead swivels!

Diffusion Camo Helicopter Sleeve for rig release and carp safety in event of main line breakage.

Use with or without the tapered top bead for helicopter or sliding chods. Sits neatly over Link Clips or lead swivels, protects knots and reduces tangle points. Compatible with anti-tangle tubing, leadcore, leadless leaders and naked end tackles.

Five per pack.

Nash Hooklink Sleeves Slim **SAVE 10%**

  • Low profile protection for link clips and looped hooklinks
  • A shorter version of the popular Hooklink Sleeve
  • Designed to cover wide link clips and reduce tangles
  • Essential for bag and stick fishing with looped hooklinks
  • 20 per packet

Nash Tungsten Swivel/Knot Bead Large **SAVE 10%**

Slide over a size 11 swivel to streamline chod rigs and eliminate any need for additional putty. Can be trimmed for critical balance of hookbaits. Small balances 10-12mm pop ups, Large balances 15mm.

Nash Ball Maker **SAVE 10%**

  • New Slotted Design!
  • Produces perfectly round balls of groundbait in seconds
  • Ideal for use with Sticky & Scalded Pellets, Method Mix
  • Designed for match, carp & specimen anglers
  • Available in 4 sizes: 20mm, 30mm, 40mm & 60mm


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