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How to catch more Carp in spring

How to catch more Carp in spring

Many anglers will be out this spring trying to land those big carp catches. This can often be the most productive time to catch the particular species! At Taskers Angling we thought we would share some tips of our own on how to catch carp this spring.


Something very important to consider when fishing in spring is the location. After a long winter fish will start to emerge from their hiding spots looking for some sun. Try to target times when the sun is out as you are more likely to find carp when this is the case. Warm waters will also bring out carp, shallow waters are likely to warm up quickest so be on the lookout for these. The wind is also likely to play its part in whether you have success or not as carp are likely to follow the direction so make sure you check this on the day. 

Now onto one of the most important things, how do you get a bite. We have found that baits which are highly visible will attract a fishes attention. In spring waters are relatively clear so this can lead hopefully to some quick bites. As we are now in May and the weather is getting better you could start to add more bait. Early in spring it is recommended to keep the bait you use low at the weather can still be cold but as it gets warmer adding more is the way to go. 


A technique you could consider using at this time of year is zig fishing. As already discussed carp are attracted to the warmth and in the deeper waters carp are likely to sit on the surface which makes it a great position to position rigs. Targeting the surface of the water could definitely be the way to go! 

Our final piece of advice would be to keep mobile when fishing. Carp will be on the move this time of year due to them reacting to the different conditions that will be around. Making sure that you pack light means you will be able to get around a lot easier incase you need to move. 


We hope that you now feel ready to go and land those big carp catches this spring. If you have any questions about what gear you need or what will be best then visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.




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