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This weeks back in stock items

This weeks back in stock items

We are excited to show off just some of the gear we have seen come back into our store. At Taskers Angling we have put together this blog to show off some of these products to you incase there is anything you want to get your hands on. 


1. Nash Indulgence All Season SS4


These combine all of the trademark features which continue to make all the indulgence one of the best ranges around. Is made up of a high density luxurious foam mattress. Also has USB connectivity for smart bankside charging and a hollow fibre high performance duvet with heat retention body baffles along with a wide variety of indulgence frames. Also features 

● Fast fit elastic toggles for optional Pillows, Shrouds and Mattress Sheets

● Enlarged hinge mechanism with compression straps for flat transport

● Mesh valuables pockets on both sides of the frame

● Single head support leg on Compact frame


2. Fortis Essentials Sunglasses


A great pair of glasses! Its defining factors are weight, performance and cost. By stripping back to the core everything in this design in minimal but don't worry as there is no compromise on quality and signature lenses are still used to provide the ultimate polarisation. 


3. Cygnet PVA Fluoro Nuggets


These are fast melt, water soluble, pop up PVA hookbait foam nuggets. They prevent tangles and preserve the hookpoint on the cast. Other features include: 

  • Low residue and virtually neutral pH PVA film

  • Multi-coloured PVA foam, visible on the surface in all conditions

  • Supplied in a resealable bag for protection against moisture


4. Nash Dwarf Pop-Up Mat


Cleverly stores inside of its own padded and zipped base. Unzipping it reveals the folded pop up frame exterior which opens out into the shape for a carp safe surround. The thick foam base slips inside for possibly the fastest and most ingenious mat yet. Offers security for the liveliest of carp thanks to the head and tail retention hoods and it is finished with 40mm padded foam. 


5. Korda Mini Krimp Tool


Crimping is a great way to achieve a neat net and make strong connections especially when you are using stiffer or thicker materials. It also allows for you to get the hook link length right every time. Getting it just right when you do crimp something so that it won't slip or weaken is always a concern but this tool gets rid of that issue as you can create a perfect connection each time. It is compact so should fit into your tackle box or containers similar to this. 


We hope that you have seen some great gear that you like. Remember if you have any questions then visit our Liverpool store or give us a call on 01512606015.


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