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Places to fish: Chester Lakes

Places to fish: Chester Lakes

Not far from our Liverpool store is Chester lakes, set just before the Welsh border. The waters here are very well stocked with fish so there will be a lot for visiting anglers to get stuck into. 


There are plenty of different lakes that can be fished on here. One of these is Dolestone lake which is located on the quieter part of the sight and away from the main lakes. There are plenty of mirror carp here and some good commons with an average size of between 10lbs to 20lbs with the biggest at 28lbs. Pulford lake is another one which is an acre in size and tends to be an out-and-out waggler water with a method or cage feeder. 

Furthermore one of the other lakes there is Eccleston lake. There are 20 pegs here and has a central island and is the deepest off the south bank where 11 feet of water can be found between the bank and the island. There are some 12,500 fish in here with carp, rudd and perch amongst those. Woodlands pools is another one. These are small separate lakes and are stocked with silver fish such as perch, bream and rudd again. Ideal for beginners and match anglers alike. For more on the other waters at the fishery it is best to check their website


The lakes here are available for day and night fishing, however people under the age of 18 are not allowed to night fish the pleasure lakes. Along with fishing there is also a cafe on site and camping and bbq sites are available to be rented. 

We hope that as many of you as possible manage to visit Chester Lakes. If you have any questions about what gear you may need to take then please visit our store or give us a call on 01512606015.


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