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In focus: DAM Camovision Compact Chair With Armrests

In focus: DAM Camovision Compact Chair With Armrests

Back in stock this DAM chair is one that is ideal for the most mobile of anglers. It has really been designed with fishing in mind and provides a perfect place to sit by the lake on. importantly it is compact and lightweight, ideal if you are looking to move around a lot.

Along with this it has a strong steel frame which adds great security and and well padded back rest which provides great comfort. The adjustable legs help you find a sturdy position on uneven surfaces so theres no need to worry about finding ground that is perfectly even. The swivel mud feed distribute your weight to prevent the chair sinking into soft ground as well incase it rains or the floor is damp. 

All in all this chair is one Anglers should consider if they are after a little bit of luxury on their days out fishing, its dependable and comfortable nature make it one we feel everyone should own! 


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