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This weeks unmissable products you simply have to get your hands on

This weeks unmissable products you simply have to get your hands on

Trakker tempest 100 brolly aquatexx EV 1.0

Was £529.99, Now £466.39

This product is ideal because it is extremely quick and easy to assemble. This means that there will not be too much fuss setting up this brolly and more time can be spent relaxing by the water. It also comes with a revolutionary patented design and has optimum storage space which means you can bring plenty with you. The adaptive Ventilation® technology keeps the air circulating, reducing condensation, to add to the comfort this brolly provides it is super waterproof, breathable, and hydrophobic. It’s super-strong and fatigue-resistant features make this product even more dependable no matter the weather.


Trakker Tempest 200 shelter

Was £529.99, Now £466.39

If you are away with someone else then this shelter could be ideal for you. It offers a two bed capacity and, if you are a long session specialist, optimum storage space so that you can bring everything that you need with you. If you are worried about space then don’t be. It has a height of 170cm for the taller anglers and can be fitted with an inner capsule to maximise comfort all year-round. The Trakker Tempest 200 shelter is a must have if you are looking for that long awaited trip away so make sure you don’t miss out on it.


Trakker RLX 8 Leg Bed System  

Was £459.99, Now £384.55

One of Trakker’s most comfortable and luxurious bed systems to date. The RLX 8 leg bed system ensures you get the perfect night’s sleep by having a completely flat profile and a high-density mattress. It can be used all-year-round with the sleeping bag attached to the mattress, utilising our 365 concept, enabling you to remove the reversible inner layer for use in 3-season or 5-season conditions. If you are someone who angles all year round this product offers the perfect solution for summer and winter use.


Aqua DPM atom bed system

Was £399.99, Now £379.99

This fashionable bed with its camouflaged pattern is designed to offer the perfect balance between mobility and comfort. It can sit under compact shelves which offers optimum performance for the more mobile of anglers. Another handy feature this bed comes with is that it is self-inflating, which saves as much weight as possible, so you don’t have to worry about it being to heavy to carry. This product is ideal for mobile anglers who like to move around and can cater for the different seasons with its 3-season sleeping bad made from performance-grade AQUATEXX® and advanced hollowfibre.


DAM Mad Space Box Complete Tackle System

Was £34.99, Now £9.99

Ideal for managing all of your small tackle in one box. With seven boxes you will have more than enough space to store everything that you need! The big outer box is also equipped with many dividers, meaning it is easier to organise different compartments depending on what your preferences are. To complete this system there are four small bit boxes for keeping all your hooks, swivels, rings etc. In order to protect the box form damage it is made of strong, but very light weight polypropylene material. All in all this is a great product for you to store all your angling essentials in.

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