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Is it time to get your hands on the Aqua Atom bed system?

Is it time to get your hands on the Aqua Atom bed system?

Aqua brings its first ever bed system which forms an exciting part of the Atom® concept. The aim that Aqua had with this product was to create a bed which offers a perfect balance between mobility and comfort, something that all anglers love to have whilst away. Because of this tailored approach we feel this product is one you should certainly consider getting your hands on.

Some of the key features that this product has includes its low-profile aluminium frame with six legs for even weight distribution, and a fully adjustable lumbar support. As we've already said about this product it is very much tailored towards your comfort and that is reflected by the fact that it has a self inflating mattress which utilises air to allow it to be tailored to your preferred level of comfort. this save as much weight as possible overall, meaning it won't be too heavy to carry around everywhere. 

Some of the other key features that the bed has includes: 

  • Double-hinged technology that offers a completely flat profile and compact pack-down
  • Adjustable lumbar support which further enhances tailored comfort
  • A unique patented leg mechanism - simply push the button and it drops into position 

The sleeping bag also features: 

  • Performance grade AQUATEXX® outer for optimum protection against the elements
  • Hollow-core fibre filling traps air inside for increased heat retention
  • A smooth polyester lining for easy movement and reduced friction

All in all this product is one that we feel is perfect for mobile anglers looking for that extra bit of luxury on their trips away. So if you are looking for the perfect bed that will offer you premium comfort then this could be the one you are looking for.  



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